How Can Technical Writers Help You Maximize Your Social Media Marketing?


Social media is changing the way people communicate—communication is now constant, prolific, and global. And, most businesses looking to grow have integrated social media into their marketing strategies. And, it’s working! But, if you’re new to the game, you may not fully understand how and why to use these outlets. You can find all kinds […]

How Do Technical Writers Use Social Media?


What’s the big deal? Social media is changing the way people communicate—communication is constant, prolific, and global. So, if you’re looking to share your craft with the world, you better jump on the social media bandwagon! This article will explain how and why technical writers are using some of the more popular social media outlets: […]

Can You be a Technical Writer?


Describing a Technical Writer If you have a knack for writing well, and you’re a lover of learning, you might just have what it takes to become a technical writer. The purpose of technical writing is to deliver quality technical communication that users may use efficiently, effectively, and safely. So, the two most important skills […]

Comprehensive Editing: Why You Can’t Do It Alone


The ultimate goal of your published work goes far beyond being grammatically correct. The ultimate goal is to be correct—in all ways. Herein lies the need for comprehensive editing (also called substantive editing). Comprehensive editing includes copy editing, as editing for content and clarity, so that you achieve your documentation/publication goals: Accuracy Clarity Conciseness Correctness […]

Part II: Best Technical Writing Tools—Technical Skills


You may be intrigued by the state-of-the-art electronic device you just bought—the technology, the innovation, the research and development. But have you taken into consideration what’s behind the documentation that came with the product? The writer, the tools, the training, the experience—these all are a part of the document you’re holding in your hand. A […]

Part I: Best Technical Writing Tools—Personal Skills

Hand over keyboard

You may be a high school student on the verge of entering college. Or, perhaps you’re a seasoned professional looking for a career change. Regardless of the specific scenario, when you’re considering a career in technical writing, you should seek to own the same skills—both technical and personal—that every successful technical writer has. Below are descriptions of […]

Why Developers Shouldn’t Write User Documentation

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Product developers serve a very important purpose in today’s world. Through trial and error, developers use a range of skills to create a valuable product for consumers. In an effort to make the product as desirable as possible, developers maximize the product’s features—for example, by making it energy efficient, cost effective, multi-purpose, or low maintenance. In short, […]

When Should I Hire a Technical Writing Service?

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If your company produces any type of documentation—whether it’s proposals, user manuals, or training materials—you need the expertise that only a technical writing service can offer. A technical writer will ensure your documentation is accurate, easy to read, and user friendly so that your company appears competent and professional. And that’s important because the documents that […]

What is Technical Writing?

Technical Writing

Technical writing is the art of simplifying the complex—efficiently communicating complex information to an audience that needs to quickly learn or accomplish something. That manual that came with your computer—that’s technical writing. The content that pops up when you click the Help button in your software program—that’s technical writing. The user guide in the glove […]