Software Documentation: Technical Writer

Many of WritingZone’s clients are in the software development industry. When such companies develop a new software program, they often need user manuals, installation guides, and online help systems to accompany it. By creating these materials, our technical writers, instructional designers, and online help developers can be the bridge between the software developers who know the technology and the customers who use it.

Our writers are very experienced in software documentation and, therefore, are very comfortable sitting down with a new program, learning the intricacies of how it works, and documenting it from the user perspective. They’re also very used to working within the often complex software development cycle and meeting the tight deadlines and release schedules.

Because our writers have strong technical backgrounds and advanced communication skills, they’re highly successful at working and communicating with your software developers and subject matter experts (SMEs). They’re extremely adept at anticipating end users’ questions, interviewing SMEs to get the answers, and then translating that complex information into user-friendly content for both technical and non-technical end users.

In addition to technical writers, many of our software development clients require an online help developer who can design and create a context-sensitive, web-based help system. WritingZone’s help developers use the latest authoring software to generate high-quality, user-friendly help content to accompany your product.  We also have experienced instructional designers on staff who can create e-learning (computer-based) training materials, instructor-led training materials, or a combination of both.  By working together, your technical writer, online help developer, and instructional designer can ensure that you have a complete, professional documentation package that meets all of your user’s needs.

And to complete the package, your company may want to translate its various technical documents into other languages. WritingZone partners with an award-winning document translation company that is able to quickly and accurately translate printed and online technical documents, and offers its services in more than 100 languages.

Hire a Tech Writer for the Software Development Industry

You can count on WritingZone to provide you with professional service from beginning to end. We’ll meet your software documentation deadlines and deliver an outstanding product.

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