What Should You Read Before You Write?

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bookRecommended Reading for Technical Writers (and those who want to be)

While the reading needs of technical writers differ, we can offer a few suggestions for essential reading. Consider your own ability, experience, and reason for writing; then, sift through this list of recommendations to find what’s best for you.

For General Reading on Technical Communication

If you’re just starting out as a technical writer, we recommend finding foundational resources to learn the theories of technical writing. Such resources would include textbooks and references used to formally train technical writing students. You’ll need resources for principles of technical writing, technical writing style, document design, and editing. The list below offers resources for such topics:

For Reading about the Trends in Technical Communication

Experienced technical communicators may be more interested in learning of industry trends and conventions, rather than technical writing basics. If that’s you, peruse the following list:

For Reading about General Writing Tricks and Tools

If you find you’re more in need of reference material rather than instructions, we’ve got a list for that too! The following list includes writing references guides (for writers of all varieties) that focus on grammar and the art of using the English language:

For Reading about More Reading

If you don’t find exactly what you need on this list, please visit these links below. You’ll find many of the titles listed above, but you’ll also find other resources that many technical writers feel are essential: