Information Technology (IT) Technical Writer

Information Technology is one of the primary industries that WritingZone serves. Companies that store, protect, process, transmit, and retrieve information are frequently in need of technical writers, editors, instructional designers, and online help developers who can help them properly communicate complex concepts to end users.

Our writers are very experienced in many facets of IT, and as a result, they’re professionals who know exactly how to come into your IT environment, quickly learn the technology, analyze the existing systems and documentation in place, and then efficiently create professional, well-written technical documents such as functional descriptions, system specifications, and user and installation guides.

Because our writers have a strong technical framework and advanced communication skills, they’re highly successful at conversing with and interviewing your various technical subject matter experts (SMEs) and then translating those technical discussions into user-friendly content.  They can quickly and easily gather, analyze, and compose your technical information into logical, understandable documents for both technical and non-technical end users.

In addition to technical writing, many of our IT clients require a graphic designer who can design and create technical illustrations such as network diagrams and process flows to visually communicate the complex concepts described in your technical specifications and documents. WritingZone can include a graphic designer as part of your project team, and that designer will use the latest graphic software to generate high-resolution images to accompany your technical descriptions.  And by working together, your technical writer and graphic designer can ensure that your documentation’s content and visuals are cohesive.

And to complete the package, your IT company may also want to incorporate training materials. We have experienced instructional designers on staff who can create e-learning (computer-based) training materials, instructor-led training materials, or a combination of both.  IT companies often use online training modules for courses that they want to provide to participants online, and they use instructor-led curriculum and materials for courses that they want to deliver via a live instructor. Regardless of the type of training you need, WritingZone can provide you with an instructional designer who is experienced in the latest training development and delivery tools.

Hire a Technical Writer for the IT Industry

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