Grammar for the Technical Writer: Is There an App for That?

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iPhoneAll technical writers, novice or expert, rely on tools to make their jobs easier. In a writer’s toolbox, you’ll generally find reliable references, such as a dictionary and/or thesaurus (although technical writers probably don’t use a thesaurus too often), a grammar resource, and a spelling correction resource. Below, you’ll find a list of resources—specifically mobile apps—that may help you, as a technical writer, conquer the beast that is English grammar and usage.

The Free Dictionary

Having a dictionary application is a must for all writers and word lovers. With this app, you can efficiently look up definitions of words, and it even offers a Word of the Day to help you expand your vocabulary.

Grammar App HD

This tap-to-learn app—with 200 tutorials, practice exercises, and grammar games—is a great tool for reviewing concepts and making grammar practice enjoyable. This app covers all kinds of grammar topics—from parts of speech to passive voice and everything in between! You can watch tutorials, complete practice exercises, and play grammar games. You get immediate feedback on your progress and can learn a ton quickly and easily.

Grammar Express

Learn grammar rules with hundreds of lessons, study countless examples of grammar rules, and test yourself with quizzes in this popular app.

Grammar Express: Parts of Speech

This app offers a robust course that helps you master all the different parts of speech, and it contains more than 130 pages of lessons that review grammar rules.

Practice English Grammar

This app gives you the practice you need to master English grammar. It has many grammar lessons, and the quizzes help you track your learning progress.

Grammar Guru English Grammar Learning Practice Quiz

With this app, you can practice grammar anytime, anywhere, with seemingly endless questions to test your skills. With great options like missed-most and seen-least, and with adaptive learning technology, this app is a slick way to work on your grammar.

Grammar Police

If you’ve ever considered yourself a grammar cop, this app is fun to explore. Designed as an addictive game, Grammar Police teaches the basics of grammar as you catch the Tense Gang by correctly completing sentences.

Grammar Up

This comprehensive app features multiple-choice quizzes with thousands of questions in more than 20 grammar categories. It helps you improve your grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and more.

Word Wit

The English language has many similar words that have vastly different meanings. Word Wit is an app designed to teach you the differences between misused words so you can start using them correctly.

Grammar Phone

Do you find yourself confused about affect/effect, if/whether, or like/as? Get clarifications to these problems and many more on Grammar Phone, an app that explains 25 common English grammatical errors.

English Idioms Illustrated

Since idioms are a large part of the English language, understanding their origin and meaning is essential to using them properly. This app explores the meanings of popular idioms and gives comprehensive explanations.


TinySpell is an impressive little utility that checks individual words and runs on a correct-as-you-type basis, from clipboard contents or from a query box. The 110,000-word dictionary isn’t enormous, but it’s more than adequate for normal use, and you also can add words to the dictionary as needed.