Grammar for the Technical Writer: Is There an App for That?


All technical writers, novice or expert, rely on tools to make their jobs easier. In a writer’s toolbox, you’ll generally find reliable references, such as a dictionary and/or thesaurus (although technical writers probably don’t use a thesaurus too often), a grammar resource, and a spelling correction resource. Below, you’ll find a list of resources—specifically mobile apps—that […]

What Tools do Technical Writers Use to Collaborate?


Technical writing is often a boundary-less occupation. Rarely do technical writers collaborate with people “in the next cubicle.” More often, we work with team members—SMEs or other contributors—who are in geographically dispersed locations. So, we rely on tools to support the projects we complete. The key to a successful technical writing project is communication. No […]

What Should You Read Before You Write?


Recommended Reading for Technical Writers (and those who want to be) While the reading needs of technical writers differ, we can offer a few suggestions for essential reading. Consider your own ability, experience, and reason for writing; then, sift through this list of recommendations to find what’s best for you. For General Reading on Technical Communication If […]