7 Tips to Creating a Usable Technical Document


For a technical document to be of use to its intended audience, its contents must be accessible. Since most technical documents aren’t intended to be read from beginning to end, the reader must be able to easily and accurately locate the specific information he or she needs. Key document accessibility features may include A table of […]

7 Tips for Interviewing and Hiring a Technical Writer


Hiring a technical writer can make or break your project—hiring the right person can make your project run like a well-oiled machine; hiring the wrong person can lead to project delays, no doubt breaking your project’s budget. When interviewing and hiring a technical writer, consider these seven tips: Clearly Define Your Needs For many industries, […]

When Should I Hire a Technical Writing Service?

user manual

If your company produces any type of documentation—whether it’s proposals, user manuals, or training materials—you need the expertise that only a technical writing service can offer. A technical writer will ensure your documentation is accurate, easy to read, and user friendly so that your company appears competent and professional. And that’s important because the documents that […]

How do I Choose a Technical Writing Service?

Technical Writing Service

Selecting the best technical writing service for your project can seem like a time-consuming process. Although rushing into your decision can cost you both time and money, you can simplify the decision-making process by following these easy steps. Define Your Project Before you do anything else, you should spend time examining the requirements of your […]

What is Technical Writing?

Technical Writing

Technical writing is the art of simplifying the complex—efficiently communicating complex information to an audience that needs to quickly learn or accomplish something. That manual that came with your computer—that’s technical writing. The content that pops up when you click the Help button in your software program—that’s technical writing. The user guide in the glove […]